Above is an excerpt from ‘Personhood’ by Lauren Zuniga, which can  be viewed here

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My mind is blown.

I don’t even know how to process the fact that I knew and have had multiple conversations with the person responsible for taking the lives of 12 innocent people. Wow.

“Just a reminder: it’s legal in OVER 30 STATES in America to be FIRED for being GAY! And it’s legal in more states for you to marry YOUR COUSIN than for you to marry someone of the same sex. AND it’s LEGAL for SERIAL KILLERS & RAPISTS to marry but NOT law-abiding SAME SEX couples.”
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Dear Facebook friend that I will not name,

Doesn’t checking in on Facebook and tagging everybody you’re with kind of defeat the purpose of the second “A” in AA? I mean, good for you…..but really?

Election Night Drinking Game:

— If Romney wins drink nonstop for next four years


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Simpsons Intro IRL of the Day: Well, the Russian version.